My cels are small in number, but growing faster than I'd like to admit! Mostly G Gundam, but I'm starting to expand my horizons a bit. If you don't like spoilers, don't click on my G Gundam thumbnails... I do tend to rattle on about what's going on in the series where my cels are found. But if you'd like a bit of cel background or maybe a lame explanation of why I picked the cels I have, click away and enjoy.

News & Updates

5/5/2004Added a boatload of new G Gundam goodies, many from the final episode.
3/24/2004Got my first real Kenshin cel today! Yeehaaa! And I'm really into backgrounds lately, so I added a few of those too. Enjoy!
1/27/2004Shellie's Gallery now open.

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Title Last Updated
Backgrounds 11/4/2004
Big O 1/11/2005
Cowboy Bebop 1/27/2004
Eureka 7 6/14/2007
Fan Art 6/18/2007
G Gundam -- 1. The Shining Gundam Years 6/14/2007
G Gundam -- 2. Guyana Highlands 6/18/2007
G Gundam -- 3. Battle Royale 6/28/2007
G Gundam -- 4. The Finale 6/14/2007
G Gundam OP 6/25/2008
Generator Gawl 2/2/2007
Gundam Wing 10/3/2005
Gundam X 11/14/2005
Lord of the Rings 9/21/2004
Pokemon 8/30/2004
Rurouni Kenshin 2/28/2006
Samurai Champloo hand-colored copies 6/25/2007
Samurai Champloo Original Art 10/14/2006
Sonic X 2/11/2007
Soukyuu No Fafner 2/17/2006
Trigun 1/28/2007
Weiss Kreuz 7/21/2004
Wolf's Rain Correction Copies 7/23/2004
Wolf's Rain original sketches 9/22/2005

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